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Writing a research proposal

Writing a research proposal to pursue research study in intended discipline is one of the challenging tasks. The very first thing that strikes to mind is what to put and write in the proposal. If this is so, first gain insights over the university or institution to which you are applying. Reason, each institution has its own standard, style, and requirement; accordingly the write-up must be shaped. Getting a best Research Proposal writing help is useful to learn from professionals. However, the usual guideline revolves around the structure of research proposal comprising of following sections such as:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Precise summary of the literature
  • Hypothesis
  • Objectives
  • Methodology to be employed
  • The way to disseminate the research knowledge
  • Provision related to guidance by supervisor
  • Ethical aspects
  • Summary
  • Conclusions.

You know that these things need to be included in the proposal. Aspirants develop the content with these points around. But, a few are selected while the rest is not considered. The issue here is how well the proposal is presented matters when it comes to scrutiny. Let’s focus on the areas which are crucial in generating a good research proposal. The written proposal must reflect the aspect of clarity and objective without meandering around. If you are interested in some topic to conduct the investigative study; you could carry on. However, you need to defend the objectives. Around a prescribed structure, the proposal is to be developed with appropriate headings. Smaller paragraphs entailing with short sentences in it is what makes the reader easy to comprehend and interesting. This is the tempo which needs to be maintained. If the text is long enough; consider using contextual images or figures to break the jinx of lengthy to garner the attention.

There are so many sections in a proposal and its purpose should match to the expectation of the proposal evaluation committee. Let’s discuss this aspect from the introduction section perspective, for instance. To garnet the attention and to remain immersed in the content is the requirement in a proposal. To imbibe these elements, introduction plays a pivotal role and has the potential to provide all the leading information in order to go through the rest of the proposal. Have a look at things need to be included in introduction like:

  • No research is conducted before on certain topic
  • Something additional information or knowledge is to be included
  • Background information in context to literature review
  • Reasonable hypothesis
  • Insights over methodologies
  • The way the study will feel the research gap
  • The beneficial aspects.
       Like this, other sections should reflect the exact purpose; this is what requires taking attention. This is how you could write a research proposal. However, your ability to do so is a matter of concern to the funding authority as well as the evaluation committee. In this respect, you have to develop a content encompassing how the study is very appealing and how you have done previously including the aspect of experience. It is better if you highlight any achievement in this respect like data analysis, managing some project works, etc. Again, not to forget the things related to motivational quotient. These things will restore faith and ability you have in the minds of evaluators to get the nod of approval. This is what you aim for; contact us to get the Research Proposal writing help

Online essay writing services

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Dissertation introduction

It is the beginning part of a dissertation and reading of the same throws some insights related to the topic. The reader will come to know, what is the topic all about and thus engages to read other parts. Going through the introductory part will acquaint the reader, the purpose and scope of study discussed. It gives an indication and influences the reader about the necessities of topic. Beginning part in a dissertation requires a welcome introduction to draw the attention of reader, hence needs to be put forth with decorative elements. The reader has to be impressed so that it will provoke interest to go through rest parts of the content. Therefore, the introductory part of any dissertation should contain logical structure, highlighting the issues in brief. It must specify why the need of research study is sought for.

Once the research study is done, it needs to be planned to start the introductory work. Usually the challenge remains in introduction is; how to remain focused and keep it to the point. Stating irrelevant points won’t meet the purpose, hence it needs strategically written content which shouldn’t be too long or too short. If you are not sure about how to write the introduction, then leave it to do at the end of dissertation content, though it requires first. It requires thorough introspection before writing the introduction, the writer should aware of the fact that the beginning part should generate impression. Actually, the introductory part acts as preview which is later developed into detail. It all depends on what is going to be essayed and the target audience. Research candidates do aware of the audience hence needs persuasive way to appeal. Introduction involving first sentence and last sentence should be effective, while the former stating about aim and the later about the objective. Use of language is of paramount importance and should be without any jargon. The whole introduction ought to be revolving around topic, idea and approach. This is the foundation of dissertation which creates lasting impression.

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Research methodology in quantitative

Quantitative as the word suggests is an indication of numbers involving data, necessary for conducting research. Information or data is the prime stay for any research and it is the fuel to verify the research hypothesis. A lot of data at hand would support the researcher in his her investigative effort to find out the root cause of an issue. Reaching the conclusion in context to hypothesis needs a process and for which the data are churned quantitatively. This quantitative methodology has linkage with the discipline of statistics which facilitates in deriving accurate result. Tools and software assist in analyzing thousands of data precisely and quickly to make an inference.

When a research study requires the approach of qualitative and quantitative research methodology, then characters such as: descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, and true experimental play significant role. Let’s have an over view related to these characteristics and the context of use.

Descriptive- This characteristic is about the existing status of an identifiable variable. In this case, researcher has the opportunity to develop the hypothesis after collection of data.

Corrleational- In this case, the attempt is sought for determining the relationships and how for it is extensible. Thus, it assists in recognizing the trends of data in a research survey. Again the variables are not subject to manipulation, rather identified.

Quasi-experimental- The purpose of this characteristic is to ascertain cause-effect relationships among the variables. Here, the independent variable is identified, but without any manipulation purpose.

True-experimental- It involves the scientific method, where the effort is to identify and impose the control among the variables. Here the independent variable goes under manipulation to ascertain the effects of dependent variable.

These are in snapshot over the characteristics use in quantitative research methodology. Now focus on the basics of this research methodology revolves around are:

  • Observation about something unknown
  • Hypothesize over the observation
  • Prediction of outcomes
  • Collection and procession of data
  • Verify the findings.
Apart from the above, still a lot of things go into the making of research methodology in terms of quantitative. Unless one has the adequate knowledge in this respect, it becomes a matter of concern to get any valid inference. In what context, this methodology is really helpful and what are the parameters within which, the data collection needs to be furnished, etc always preoccupy the mind of a researcher.

To avoid these pitfalls and for a smooth sailing in the research, it is better to consult the experts in this quantitative methodology before plunging into the aspect of data collection. Research methodology section in the dissertation or thesis is one of the key areas, the evaluators focus highly to ascertain the validity of research. Hence, one has to be extra cautious while applying the source of methodology. However, for better research perspective, consult to hire the expertise of our experts.

Marketing assignment writing services

Marketing in any sector is envisaged as catalyst of growth in business entailing with profits. This department in an organization deals with researching, promoting, selling, and distributing in terms of goods and services. It also concerns about how to sell the product and who are the target audience to make it happen. Before selling, the concerned personnel need to find out the market for which adequate research is necessary in the competitive environment of survive and growth. For the research, customer survey plays a significant role in determining the needs of end-use customers. The benefit is; it helps in identifying innovative products and services, customer satisfaction, the means of advertising medium to reach the audience.

The process of marketing starts with its strategy. Strategy here refers to comprehend the marketing ploy of competitors and watching the activities and taking contextual measures. It depends on the kind of business establishments and its reputation. If one is going to initiate a business, then there is a problem of inadequate source and can’t spend hefty money for publicity and advertising. In contrast, the reputed companies make the selling in a higher note due to the popular brand. There is en-number of ways of marketing and one marketing strategy for a company may not be useful to another one. But there is a concept of marketing mix, a reliable tool if applied properly will do wonders. Those are often referred to as 4 P’s of marketing such as

                Management study in this field facilitates comprehensive understanding and the person in charge of this department holds a key portfolio. You too could play a pivotal role in a business organization after opting for marketing as major in academics. Writing an assignment in this discipline is what you have to deal with without escapism. However, writing is a challenging thing to which most of the students don’t enjoy even if they are saturated with requisite knowledge. Developing the content in precise having all the ingredients while maintain the structure is really a cumbersome task. However, in case of issue in dealing; they could rely on our experts.

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MBA project report

Management study warrants executing a project and developing a report. Project can’t be carried out in vacuum; therefore, it must be on some specific area having research interest. The first step is topic selection for MBA project which must be very interesting. Select the topic having adequate literature and the potential to collect data. Again, it must be favoring towards employment opportunity as well. The purpose of the project is to gain exposure to corporate environment while assessing the reliability and quality of work in terms of performance. The theoretical aspect is gained during the classroom study. However, to give the same empirical touch; it requires conducting a project. The concept is to apply management insights in solving a particular problem.

Since the topic selection is the prime thing; given a choice to choose from a number of topics, seek guidance of supervisor. Once the topic selection is over, frame a research question involving a problem. The nature of problem should be in and around the working environment. For conducting the project, you need to choose an organization; hence, the problem must revolve around it. Now have a look at theoretical perspectives in this regard. Conducting a preliminary survey in the available literature would provide clue to focus on the unexplored areas. Then focus on the tentative solution to a problem in the form of a hypothesis.

Quality of the project work also matters for which it depends on the type of methodology adopted. The project report gets strengthened, the way information are gathered in context to define a problem. Sometimes, it may require approaching through case study as well, where the approach varies from the usual survey. Other necessities you have to prepare are:

  • Sampling
  • Questionnaire
  • Pilot study
  • Data processing
  • Framework for analyzing data.

Practically, dealing with these aspects mentioned above of your own might not be feasible even if you have adequate knowledge in this respect. Therefore, conducting the project work with a mentor around would derive favorable and expected result. Pick a person who has thorough understanding over the management concept including the practical knowledge at par with project study. Thus, you could able to end the project on a successful note. Writing a project report is also a matter of concern as its performance matters.
There are so many sections comprising in a project report which needs to be developed. For instance, you want to develop the mba dissertation topics in management introduction. So, the concern is what to include in this section. Let’s have a look at the following which needs to be incorporated in this section are:

  • Problem statement
  • Objectives of the research
  • Methodology comprising basic and secondary research design
  • Project limitation.

Likewise with a purpose, the individual section must reflect in MBA project report. So, whether you have any issue in executing the project or reporting the same, consult our experts.