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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Research proposal

Academic students having research bent of mind should file the proposal to concerned authority to realize the research goals. The funding organization and the institution under which the student is going to embark on research have to fulfill certain criteria to get the positive node for carry out the research activity. To harness the potential and for enhancing research capabilities, research is encouraged to contribute significant knowledge to the academic community. As per the availability of funding and application period, research aspirant should write the proposal. Scores of students apply for research proposal; however a few are selected after due scrutiny. Therefore, research proposal needs to be developed in appropriate having these points which are as:
·         Objectives
·         Hypothesis to be tested
·         Type of research and method
·         Relevance of the study
·         Variable for data collection and analysis
·         Statistical design
·         Tabulation arrangements
·         Case study involving number of projects to be studied
·         Synopsis
·         Project duration
·         Staffing pattern
·         Budget
·         Bio data of project director
·         Brief note on the activities of institution

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dissertation abstract

Abstract happens to be one of the important sections of dissertation containing brief summary. Going through the abstract assists the reader in comprehending the sense of argument involving research study in brief. Thus, it contains:
     ·         The general ideas of the study
     ·         Central argument of the research work
     ·         Sense of methodological approach
     ·         The important reasons of the study
     ·         Aspiration of the project
     ·         Aim of achievement
·         How the intervention will advance
Though this PhD dissertation comes at the beginning, it should be written after completion of the dissertation as it requires information related to result. While writing the abstract, make it sure to develop it involving: what you initiated and the reason, the way the research study was done, the findings of the research, and the recommendations for future research.
Since the abstract draws the first attention of a reader, it must be impressive. Thus, it must reflect the relevance of research in order to access the rest of the dissertation. Hence, it must be written with appropriate keywords having indication of integrity of the research. There are some must-have features encompass in the dissertation abstract as follows:
·         Purpose
·         Methodology
·         Results and conclusions
While writing the abstract, the purpose must specify:
·         Reason for undertaking the study
·         The investigated things
·         Concise statement of research question

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Statistical data analysis

Statistical data analysis in academic research plays an integral role in drawing inductive references. Research starts with formulating of hypothesis and to test its validity, there is a need for data collection. The available data is churned through the statistical procedure to facilitate evidence in support of the hypothesis. This statistical data analysis is a procedure where statistical and logical techniques are implied to depict, condense, recap, and evaluation of data. The form of analysis depends on the kind of approaches like qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and the form of data involving filed notes, document, audio tape, video tape, etc. Whatever may be the approach, but the need is to have data integrity. To ensure this, it requires accurate appropriate analysis.
However, there are so many issues arise during data collection and the subsequent analysis. The researcher must aware of issues in context to data analysis which could be:
·         Selection of data collection method and analysis
   ·         Inappropriate subgroup analysis
   ·         Lack of clearly defined and objective outcome measurements
   ·         Manner of presenting data
   ·         Contextual research data issues
   ·         Data recording method
   ·         Extent of analysis
   ·         Partitioning text at the time of analyzing qualitative data
These are the generic issues and it could be more. It depends on how the researcher is equipped in this respect for data collection and statistical analysis. To deal with issues involving data collection and analysis, expert guidance if sought for will usher the researcher towards the perspective research goals envisaged.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Journal writing

Journal plays a significant role in growth and development of research and its dissemination to the research community. This is a platform not only to propagate the research ideas but also a repository of various articles to be referred. Academic communities thrive on this medium to exchange valuable information involving new source of knowledge. Journal writing depends on certain factors like:
   ·         Data
   ·         Preparing the draft
   ·         Structure of the paper
   ·         Selecting a right journal
   ·         Submission
Data involving the research and its analysis including the requisite tables and graphics is one of the important criteria to present the article with evidence in logical sequence. When it comes to draft of the journal writing, it indicates about the important findings of the research around which the article needs to be developed. The article that is going to be published has a structure comprising of: title, abstract, graphics, introduction, experimental section, results-discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, references, and supporting information.
While writing article for journal, make it sure to keep the title simple and catchy with accurate reflection of the research. Abstract which follows the title requires emphasis on the research study and the first couple of sentences of this section must reflect it. It must be effective and should generate curiosity while convincing the reader about the major findings. Now focus on structure of the paper and how each of its constituent parts should be created. Have a glimpse over it as follows.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

PhD or Master’s writing service assistance

Be it Master’s or PhD degree, the learner is the beneficiary in terms of knowledge and career. At this level of education, the learner is expected to gain specific knowledge as per his or her discipline. Both the level of study warrants tangible report or projects related to research. Therefore, the student or aspirant researcher has to exhibit the passion for research with an aim to contribute new source of knowledge. It requires several years of dedication to accomplish the research and upon successful completion, it requires written evidence and oral defense to standby the research findings.
When it comes to written evidence, it reflects about thesis and dissertation; both words are used interchangeably as per the institutional requirement. However, the structure for both are same having introduction, literature review, body, conclusion, bibliography, index, and so forth. This structure highlights about the creation of PhD dissertation or Master’s thesis encompassing all these things. Therefore, the responsibility of research squarely falls on writing to ascertain the depth of knowledge gained and how it contributes to the academia including the concerned community. Therefore, the question is whether the researcher has the ability to develop the research specific write-up. In case a student having issues in writing, then what is the alternative option to fulfill the academic responsibility.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Medical Research Methodology vs Management Research Methodology writing

Research methodology involves procedures carried out in the research study. It may be in the field or laboratory but data collection is the prime motive in order to ascertain the research objectives. Reason, research study gets influenced with the kind of data availability. Therefore, depending on the research, researcher has to choose a way to collect data: either through qualitative or quantitative. Be it medical or management discipline, there is hardly any difference in the application of research methodology. But the approach to fact finding varies a little bit depending on the research. However, let’s have a snapshot over the research methodology in generic both for medical and management which are:
   ·         Literature search strategy
   ·         Selection criteria and method
   ·         Exclusion criteria
   ·         Data extraction strategy
   ·         Critical appraisal of study
   ·         Data analysis methods
Highlighting these points, the write-up for the research methodology is construed to feature in a thesis or dissertation. In management, depending on the research approach is initiated through surveys, experimental studies, longitudinal studies, and cross-sectional studies. Similarly, other approaches like case study, descriptive, illustrative, and exploratory provides opportunity to indulge in research.
Research methodology in medical discipline also treads the same path for which systematic review is necessary to address the key questions. In the medical research, researchers do the interventional study and observational study, and related study depending on the medical research. Thus as per the outcome evidence, a new theory is established or assists in reaching research objectives.