Friday, December 19, 2014

Statistical methods

In the statistical parlance, methods could be categorized as analytical and computational; the application of these methods is to make inference about the characters of population in a study. Observing the entire population is not feasible; hence, it requires resorting to sampling and statistical inference. As far as objective of the method is concerned, the aim is to make the study efficient and fruitful. Investigative study on any topic depends on the specific question and how it could be answered. So, everything depends on the data collection. Data collected in the study is in numbers; sometimes data is collected through observation. Whatever may be the procedure of data collection; the importance is to make those quantify.

Therefore, in order to quantify; the method needs adopting in terms of question, multiple choice questions, and Likert scale. Thus, the data collected in this respect could be quantified for the due analysis. Researcher usually finds it odd when it comes to choose a specific method in order to analyze. Reason, the result of statistical analysis matters as far as research study is concerned. There are software predominantly SAS, SPSS, ANOVA, etc to ensure the purpose of analysis in accurate. The usage of software depends on the way to analyze like qualitative, quantitative, or mix of methods. You must aware of the application of software in right context. Again, it depends on whether your study is scientific, social, economical, or any such related things.

Thus, the entire journey of the research study thrives with so many issues. If you have any issue related to literature review or making a research statement or application of methodology, etc; you could ask for assistance from peers or faculties involved. However, any issue related to statistics; just mentoring or guiding won’t help you. It requires full involvement of experts to assist the researcher. In this scenario, our experts do commendable job. They go through the study and understand the issue you are stuck with; then, decide the course of application.

Hence, if you have any issue in adopting specific statistical method or problem in dealing with the statistical application in congruence with the software; you would get the precise assistance. They know what could be the firm course of action that needs to be implemented. Apart from the issues in statistical methods; you might have concerns regarding developing the research paper, issues in dealing with the aspect of plagiarism, etc. In these areas too; you have the opportunity to avail the services as per requirement. We have experts for all the disciplines of the research. So, as per your research discipline; the specific experts will utilize their years of expertise for the necessary. Even students from international universities could consult us.   

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Philosophy of education

Philosophy as a discipline imparts quest for comprehending values and reality through speculative measures. There are so many pursuits to unfold the mystery behind universe and the association of birth and death, joy or sorrow involving human being. Thus the philosophy of enquiry is not limited to human being; rather encompasses nature as well. There are so many fields associated with this discipline such as: educational philosophy, political philosophy, social philosophy, etc.

Now focus on the concept of philosophy of education. Wherever human society is in existence, the vested interests were and will remain towards education. Whoever may be the person and whatever may be the age group; it is the education assists in reading, writing, calculating, and aware of the immediate environments. Thus, education is a means to boost skill set and gain knowledge in various perspectives. Again, it is better to enumerate philosophy of education as process of approach of educational experience. The method involved in the philosophy could be categorized as: critical, comprehensive, and synthetic.

However, when it comes to scope; it is associated with certain problems involving education such as:

  • Interpreting human nature
  • Interpreting ideals of human education
  • Components of educational system and the existing relationships
  • Educational values
  • Theories of knowledge, etc.

These are the issues around which the scope of philosophy of education revolves around. There are some ideals which binds human being in terms of:

  • Developing character
  • Human development in harmonious environment
  • Measures to deal with adult life
  • National integration
  • Technological development
  • Educational opportunities, etc.
     In addition to the above, there are a lot of things that goes into the study of educational philosophy like metaphysics, axiology, epistemology, etc. If this is the discipline you are pursuing; you have to gain comprehensive knowledge in this respect so as to actualize the theory into practicality as per the nature of employment opportunity. However, you need to write a dissertation or thesis as per requirement to prove that you have gained certain expertise. As a part of assessment, you have to prepare the strategy involving conduction of research study and compilation of the same in a voluminous document.

Conducting a research study on any aspect of philosophy of education is not a trouble free affair. Right from reviewing the literature to formulating research question to data collection and analysis; a lot of issues have to be dealt with on the part of a researcher. Penning the entire events of research study is another big hurdle as far as academic overall performance is concerned. To make the journey of research a smooth sail, expert guidance is must. Here, our expert service is top-notch in rendering in terms of mentoring and developing the content as well. You could consult at any time of research execution or get stuck while developing the research paper as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Structure of research methodology, its challenges

Research methodology is what kind of method, the researcher is going to use in quest of certain knowledge or findings. It could be qualitative or quantitative or mixed; the challenge is which one is appropriate to get the answer for research question. Again, what short of problem might crop up during the research, you never know. Since all the aspect depends on the data, you need to ensure the collected data is accurate. However, by resorting to structure of methodology and dealing with steps one by one would assist the researcher reaching the objectives. Structure of research methodology comprises of steps such as:

First challenge in research methodology is formulating the research problem. Therefore, the focus should be on the general area of interest on certain topic and to convert it into specific research problem. But the feasibility of solution must be there, otherwise the research problem remain unexplored. Therefore, to cross this hurdle, researcher has to get acquainted with related literatures. Extensive literature survey involving previous research papers, journals, related published or unpublished bibliographies will give certain leads. Thus, you would able to generate the working hypothesis which in turn will give indication about the type of data and method the particular research problem requires opening up the objectives. This process would assist the researcher to remain on the track of research.

It all depends on how the design of the research is in place with respect to research problem. The challenges involving research design could be categorized as:
  • Getting the information
  • Skill of the researcher
  • Organization of information
  • Research schedule.

The means to collect the information and how skillfully the researcher applies the tricks, the way to organize the collected data for analysis purpose; these are the things goes into research design and within the time limit. For data collection purpose, the challenge lies in terms of sampling. Data collection too is equally problematic, as it involves so many ways to extract information from the respondents. If the collected data is adequate and accurate, then it paves way for swift execution of research. Hypothesis testing is one step in research, where you need to test the hypothesis as per the analysis result. If the analysis results are matching to the hypothesis, then it indicates the research is in track. There is no end to list of issues and challenges in research methodology. But with expert guidance, you could put all those into rest.

We are providing research methodology guidance and provide research oriented solutions. As per your purpose of research, our experts will layout the design of research enabling to reach the objectives without any hassle. Whatever the issues depicted above, we will facilitate systematic and logical solutions in favor of your research. For any query regarding our service, get the clarification by contacting our experts and for which our service remains open at 24x7.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Free plagiarism check

Plagiarism is one thing, where you can’t survive in the realm of academic competence with it. Therefore, it needs to be weeded out if it exists in any form. What you can do in this regard is; review the assignment for instance thesis or dissertation or any such assignment, once the content is done. You have to check the content in terms of plagiarism from various angles. One can’t deny the fact that writing a voluminous document like research paper with own potential is a cumbersome affair. Hence, a lot of sources at the disposal need to be referred to incorporate valuable information. If the information or quote or any argument is included; the contextual source must be acknowledged.

Even if you might have done the necessary paraphrasing or rephrasing work to present the original theme differently, it draws the attention of evaluator. Reason, the concerned persons at the disposal of evaluating have wide extensive knowledge in their respective area of disciplines. They are very smart in recognizing duplicate material; again, they are equipped with latest software tools. Hence, any form of copy-paste would be detected easily. There are rule for dealing with dishonest practices in terms of level 1 and level 2. In the case of level 1 charge, you might be considered as lack of thorough understanding. However, if you are doing the wrong deeds repeatedly and deliberately, you would come under scanner as per the level 2 offense.

Thus, as per the nature of dishonest practice, you would be punished. If it happens, it invites disrepute or credential of the student remains at stake. Again, you have to spend time for rework. All these things take out your precious time, which could have been invested for other needs of academic requirements. Therefore, make sure the content thrives without plagiarism. If you have any queries or no idea to sort out the plagiarism deeds; look out for expert guidance. Ask yourself that, whether you want to waste time and remain with low esteem for plagiarism work or the work gets approval at one go. Nobody wants to be caught between the academic ordeals of punishment.

Therefore, if you are not sure of the written work is plagiarism free; get it assessed by peers, experts, etc. Otherwise, seek expert help to prepare the requisite content. In either case, you could approach our experts. The best thing is that we don’t charge anything, i.e. free plagiarism check for any assignment. We have experts who ensure sporting the errors and doing the necessary corrective measures as well. Otherwise, you would be guided to initiate the precautionary measures to avoid plagiarism anyhow. Since, you are getting the work done free of cost, why not referring the same to us to have a thorough review. Contact us to know further about the details of plagiarism checking, we incorporate. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

MBA project report

Management study warrants executing a project and developing a report. Project can’t be carried out in vacuum; therefore, it must be on some specific area having research interest. The first step is topic selection for MBA project which must be very interesting. Select the topic having adequate literature and the potential to collect data. Again, it must be favoring towards employment opportunity as well. The purpose of the project is to gain exposure to corporate environment while assessing the reliability and quality of work in terms of performance. The theoretical aspect is gained during the classroom study. However, to give the same empirical touch; it requires conducting a project. The concept is to apply management insights in solving a particular problem.

Since the topic selection is the prime thing; given a choice to choose from a number of topics, seek guidance of supervisor. Once the topic selection is over, frame a research question involving a problem. The nature of problem should be in and around the working environment. For conducting the project, you need to choose an organization; hence, the problem must revolve around it. Now have a look at theoretical perspectives in this regard. Conducting a preliminary survey in the available literature would provide clue to focus on the unexplored areas. Then focus on the tentative solution to a problem in the form of a hypothesis.

Quality of the project work also matters for which it depends on the type of methodology adopted. The project report gets strengthened, the way information are gathered in context to define a problem. Sometimes, it may require approaching through case study as well, where the approach varies from the usual survey. Other necessities you have to prepare are:

  • Sampling
  • Questionnaire
  • Pilot study
  • Data processing
  • Framework for analyzing data.

Practically, dealing with these aspects mentioned above of your own might not be feasible even if you have adequate knowledge in this respect. Therefore, conducting the project work with a mentor around would derive favorable and expected result. Pick a person who has thorough understanding over the management concept including the practical knowledge at par with project study. Thus, you could able to end the project on a successful note. Writing a project report is also a matter of concern as its performance matters.
There are so many sections comprising in a project report which needs to be developed. For instance, you want to develop the introduction. So, the concern is what to include in this section. Let’s have a look at the following which needs to be incorporated in this section are:

  • Problem statement
  • Objectives of the research
  • Methodology comprising basic and secondary research design
  • Project limitation.

Likewise with a purpose, the individual section must reflect in MBA project report. So, whether you have any issue in executing the project or reporting the same, consult our experts.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Marketing assignment writing services

Marketing in any sector is envisaged as catalyst of growth in business entailing with profits. This department in an organization deals with researching, promoting, selling, and distributing in terms of goods and services. It also concerns about how to sell the product and who are the target audience to make it happen. Before selling, the concerned personnel need to find out the market for which adequate research is necessary in the competitive environment of survive and growth. For the research, customer survey plays a significant role in determining the needs of end-use customers. The benefit is; it helps in identifying innovative products and services, customer satisfaction, the means of advertising medium to reach the audience.

The process of marketing starts with its strategy. Strategy here refers to comprehend the marketing ploy of competitors and watching the activities and taking contextual measures. It depends on the kind of business establishments and its reputation. If one is going to initiate a business, then there is a problem of inadequate source and can’t spend hefty money for publicity and advertising. In contrast, the reputed companies make the selling in a higher note due to the popular brand. There is en-number of ways of marketing and one marketing strategy for a company may not be useful to another one. But there is a concept of marketing mix, a reliable tool if applied properly will do wonders. Those are often referred to as 4 P’s of marketing such as

                Management study in this field facilitates comprehensive understanding and the person in charge of this department holds a key portfolio. You too could play a pivotal role in a business organization after opting for marketing as major in academics. Writing an assignment in this discipline is what you have to deal with without escapism. However, writing is a challenging thing to which most of the students don’t enjoy even if they are saturated with requisite knowledge. Developing the content in precise having all the ingredients while maintain the structure is really a cumbersome task. However, in case of issue in dealing; they could rely on our experts.

In our profession, we have expertise combined with experience is more critical in rendering dissertation services to the needy candidates. The expert writers’ outcome is unparallel and when the needy seek the help, they are sure to make it to achieve the academic excellence. These experts who are hand-picked have the highest qualification from prestigious UK institute with decadal experience in teaching and writing dissertation. Their customized dissertation writing is invasive and thus gets the nod of approval with ease. For any Marketing assignment/ dissertation writing need, the experts will ensure to make it a scholarly work. Contact us to avail plagiarism free assignment including the mechanism of addressing issues in any kind.