Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writing a good Research Proposal

In most universities, it is mandatory to submit a proposal before beginning a dissertation. This lesson is to understand the concept of proposal and differentiate the good versus unacceptable proposal, as good proposal always lead to good dissertations.

Fine, let us understand the meaning of proposal.

It is a summary and in general outlines, the aim, research objectives, research questions, hypothesis (if required), and expected outcome or significance of the research. Further it also includes the statement and purpose of the study together with the background of the subject. Although the format vary from university to university, and in general it covers all the information prescribed above. The following format shows the general layout (example) of the proposal.

Example 1:
Name: Rocky, K Course Details: Msc Information Systems
Proposed Title:
Proposed Aims and Hypothesis:
Literature Review:
Methodology : Primary or secondary data collection, questionnaire or Interviews, when do you proposed to undertake the research, statistical analysis
Rationale of the research: and Expected outcome:Time Line (Gnatt chart) References Do you keen to know what is good and Bad proposal ?, lets wait for a while !

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